27 Mar

Hey guys, welcome to last last edition of the Wars and Battles segment by Weird Geography. Here are 5 facts about the Wars and Battles of history. 

1. The U.S military used loud speakers to yell insults at enemies in Afghanistan to make them come out and fight.

2. One marine fighting in the battle of Saipan convinced 1,500 soldiers to surrender. His foster parents taught him to speak Japanese at age 12. 

3. On the first day at the battle of the Somme 2 land mines were detonated. They were so loud that the explosions could be heard in London almost 200 miles away.

4. In WWI a dog named Stubby was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. The dog performed many heroic acts and fought in over 17 battles. 

5. During one battle in Korea, a horse named Reckless carried 9000 pounds of ammo into battle. She was promoted to a Staff sergeant and received 2 purple hearts.

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