11 Mar

Hello welcome to Wars and Battles. Where I will tell you 5 interesting facts about wars and battles throughout history.

1. During one battle in WWII, some German soldiers helped the allies to defend a castle in Austria.

2. During one battle in 585 BC a solar eclipse occurred. The two sides ( the Medes and Lydians) quickly stopped fighting and signed a peace treaty. 

3. One Danish king named Harold Wartooth was afraid he was going to die of old age instead of being killed in battle. To him this would mean he wouldn't go to Valhalla. He then waged a war with the king of Sweden. This war killed 40,000 warriors.

4. King Henry V was hit in the face with an arrow on his first time leading soldiers into battle. Instead of leaving he fought onward. And he was 16. 

5. The polish enlisted a bear in their forces during WWII. He was used for many tasks including bringing ammunition crates to soldiers. 

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