05 Apr

The Medieval crusades are one of the most talked about topics of ancient history. But no one has talked about the crusades in the Weird Geography way. Here are 5 facts about the crusades.

1. In 1099 the crusaders were actually successful in capturing Jerusalem. This new Jerusalem would be called the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. It would last until 1187 when Islamic forces reconquered Jerusalem. 

2. Peter the hermit who led the first crusade tried to run away from his own followers after realizing the crusades were a bad idea. He was captured by the crusaders and out of force rejoined the crusade.

3. King Richard tried to negotiate his way out of defeat from Saladin (the Sultan of a kingdom that controlled Jerusalem) by offering Saladin's brother Al-Adil his sister's hand in marriage. Richard's sister Joan rejected this proposal rejected Al-Adil because he was Muslim. 

4. Even after the crusades were over, an order of Knights controlled the island of Rhodes. Even today the Sovereign Military Order of Malta still has political power today. 

5. Unfortunately, thousands of the Jewish people were killed by the crusaders. Some Catholic Bishops even tried to protect the Jewish people living along the Rhine river, however their efforts failed.

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