03 Jan

     Hello readers, I have been looking for information about the compromises needed for the U.S constitution to be ratified. So, I decided to ask Alexander Hamilton some questions about the matter. The answers I found were really interesting. First, I asked him about the great compromise, I wanted to know what it was, and what's so great about it. He informed me that the great compromise was a huge issue. He told me that the larger of the United States like Virginia wanted the national legislative body to be made up of representatives from each state. The larger states wanted the amount of representatives that would represent each state to be determined by the population of the state. This idea benefits the larger states because they would have more representatives in the national legislative body. Therefore they would have more of a say in the decisions that are made. The states with smaller populations didn't approve of this idea. They suggested that the national legislative body should be made up of a house where the amount of representatives would be equal for each state, regardless of it's population. This house would benefit the smaller states because even though the larger states have a much larger population, they all get an equal say on the decisions that are made. Eventually, Roger Sherman, from Connecticut proposed that the legislative body of the United States should be bicameral; meaning that the legislative body of the U.S should be made up of two houses of legislature. The amount of representatives in one house  would be determined by the population of each state. And the amount of representatives in the other house would be equal. Each state would get 2 representatives. Alexander Hamilton told me that Roger Sherman's idea was passed by the members of the constitutional convention. And now it's known as The Great Compromise of 1787.

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