31 Oct

Hello readers, today i'm going to share 8 facts about the American revolution. This website post was a request, and if you want me to write about a certain topic you can contact us and email a request.

1. The American colonists were the first British colony to succeed in declaring independence.

2. Not all British members of parliment supported the British invading the colonies, the Whigs ( a parliment political party) didn't like that the British were invading the United States.

3. One of the reasons that the British lost was because they had to fight not only in the Colonies on the East Coast of North America, but they also had to defend their colonies in the Caribbean.

4.About 26,000 American troops fought in the war.

5. There were 24,000 casualties caused by the American revolution.

6. John Hancock was the first person to sign the declaration of independence.

7. The tea spilled in the Boston harbor during the Boston tea party was worth over one million dollars in today's money.

8. 42,000 British navy soldiers quit the British army during the war and deserted the American colonies.

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